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Available Courses

2 Lessons

Process Steps: Sale 4 – Sell the Relationship

Create excited, loyal, lifetime customers that use your services, buy again, and send in their family and friends to buy from you.

8 Lessons

Process Steps: Sale 3 – Sell the Deal

Learn how to comfortably and professionally reach a win-win agreement on the numbers, what we like to call the entire financial package.

4 Lessons

Process Steps: Sale 2 – Sell the Car

Learn to find the right vehicle for your buyer, build value and desire in the vehicle and ultimately gain a today commitment to buy the vehicle.

4 Lessons

Process Steps: Sale 1 – Sell Self

Professionally build the professional relationship and trust you need to connect with your guests and comfortably lead them through the buying (selling) process.

10 Lessons

Trade Cycle Leasing

This course will teach you how to double even triple your sales in the next 3-5 years using the Trade Cycle Lease option.

1 Lesson

Handling Upset Customers

Follow this simple path to handle upset customers professionally and turn momentary frustration into a Loyal, Lifetime Customer! 

8 Lessons

Skill Builder Huddles

Turn your knowledge into powerful skill sets! Skill builder huddles give you  simple short daily training lessons to ensure you are better today then yesterday!

3 Lessons

Seven Roles of Today’s Desk Manager

Lead, coach and manage with excellence, maximize your results, and build a confident and consistent team!

3 Lessons

Virtual Showroom Mastery

Today most buyer start their process virtually online! This course shows you how to turn your more of your virtual leads into Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers, profitably!

1 Lesson

What’s Your Best Price?

Comfortably overcome one of the most common price objections you face “What’s your best price?”.